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Autentico Italiano dal 1856


From the fields to the table


The quality of Cirio's preserves comes from the exceptional quality of the 100% Italian raw produce and the extreme care we take throughout the growing, picking, processing and packaging process.

Quality controls are carried out in accordance with the Quality Assurance System and vigorous analysis is conducted throughout the entire production process; from the samples taken in the field before the harvest, to those taken on arrival at the production plant, right through to the finished product. This is what we mean when we say tracked “from seed to fork”.

To better guarantee quality, our Group even owns TERASEEDs, a company dedicated to industrial seeds ideal for best farming.

We employ advanced agronomists to monitor the crop on a daily basis during harvesting and our R&D Labs work closely with International Universities to present scientific findings at conferences worldwide.

This positions Conserve Italia as an internationally respected expert in the agricultural and produce industry.



Our farmers

Cirio's strength is namely its social base: more than 14.500 members farmers grouped in 51 big Cooperatives, who grow fruit and vegetables all over Italian territory.

The Cooperative structure implies the full commitment of the farmers involved and provides full traceability of all products, for the highest quality to end consumers. Despite the huge dimensions, it’s a traditional agricultural system, made up of people and values, respect for nature and love for its gifts. Even today, all Cirio products are grown according to the seasons, to bring the best of taste, freshness, and safety to your tables.

From the choice of seed, strictly GMO free and carefully selected by our agronomists, to the cultivation with “Integrated Production” methods to minimize addivites,  every step of the process is under control.

Processed in 24H

Tomatoes and especially green fresh-harvested produce are highly perishable: when picked they have to be preserved in the space of a few hours to prevent the risk of fermentation. 

All productive steps are constantly monitored: pasteurisation temperatures, weights, watertight container seals,  as well as the physical and chemical characteristics of the finished goods.

Our 10 plants across Italy are located not farther than 50Km from the fields, in order to process from fresh and in 24h during the campaign in Summertime.

Also, Cirio production sites must safeguard the environment to meet requirements of most recognised certifications, and the company invests and steadily audit plants and their maintenance.